The construction site webcam captures what the human brain can no longer process. Construction sites change within a few minutes and progress is made in no time at all. Different construction companies work simultaneously. It is therefore even more interesting to observe the stages. Whether in time-lapse or live, a construction site webcam provides exciting insights and simplifies processes.


IP or photo webcam?

Construction site webcams are as different as the objects they capture. Together with our customers, we decide which concepts to implement. In a first step, you decide whether an IP camera or a photo webcam is suitable for your project.

Photo Webcam

  • best photo quality
  • equipped with Nikon, Canon or Fujifilm cameras
  • up to 45 megapixels
Photo Webcam

IP camera

  • well-priced
  • Angle of view up to 180°.
  • up to 12 megapixels
IP Camera

Why do I need a construction site webcam?

  • Complete project management
  • Promote construction site
  • Monitor construction progress

Use the webcam to work more efficiently and react promptly or to fully document your project. You can see how far your construction site has progressed at any time via smartphone or computer. Use the images for marketing, they are resolved in the highest DSLR quality. Not only can you follow the exciting stages of construction with a construction site webcam. Your customers, employees or clients are also interested in your construction site. The webcam gives you a great insight.

Guaranteed 100% data protection

The «Privacy Protector» automatically removes all people and moving objects.
  • Remove people and vehicles
  • Delay publication
  • Cut away neighbouring buildings
  • Covering sensitive areas

With the Privacy Protector, you can enjoy all the advantages of the construction site webcam without coming into conflict with the Data Protection Law. You can publish your webcam without any worries or distribute pictures of it. The employees are not visible in the pictures.

Your bonus: Marketing with the construction site webcam

Construction Site Webcam - Marketing

Your bonus: Marketing with the construction site webcam

A construction site fascinates: Different people work on the entire site and something new is created. With the construction site webcam you can use your viewers' fascination for your company's marketing. Are you building a new company facility? Present this to your stakeholders by integrating the latest image of your construction site webcam into your website. Once construction is complete, you can create a time-lapse video from the individual images. This is ideal for showing at an inauguration ceremony.

Why choose Yellow's construction site webcam

Icon 45MP


The construction site webcam delivers images of the highest Nikon quality.

Icon WLAN 4G

Transmission possibilities

The construction site webcam transmits images wirelessly or via a 4G router.

Icon Solar

Solar power

The power supply functions both via Power over Ethernet (PoE) and with solar power supply.

Icon Embedding

Easy embedding

The images of the time-lapse camera can easily be embedded into any website via iFrame.

Icon Live Webcam

Live image

The construction site webcam provides you with live pictures of your construction site.

Icon 10 Years

Years of experience

The Yellow team has ten years of experience with construction site webcams.

Icon Data Protection

Data protection

The construction site webcam stores its data in the Yellow Cloud. This protects the data from unauthorized access.

Icon Mobile

Smartphone and Tablet

The webcam can be controlled and viewed via mobile devices.

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