sharper shots for your guests

The live webcam is based on a reflex camera. This means that the images have more depth and higher resolution than with surveillance cameras. This has the big advantage that your guests can see more on the pictures. You can also use these high-resolution photos for other marketing purposes.

Marketing with the Live Webcam


Easy integration into your website

Embedding your live webcam feed into your website is a no-brainer. Like a YouTube video, you get a code that you can put on your website. Then the feed will always appear updated on your website. If you have any questions, we'll be happy to help.


Presence in the search engines

Potential guests often search for a town and "webcam". If you deliver results to such a search query, you increase the traffic to your website. And the best part: If a guest is on your website, the chances are good that he will consume more content on your website.

Flexible frame rate selection

Decide for yourself how many pictures your camera takes.

Whether two, five or ten minutes: You decide how much time passes between your shots. You know what your guests want and therefore choose the frame rate yourself. Best of all, if you want to adjust the frame rate, it's very simple and uncomplicated. For example, you can select different frame rates in the winter season than in the summer season.

Why choose Yellow's live webcam

45 MP Icon


The live webcam delivers recordings of the highest Nikon quality.

WLAN 4G/5G Icon

transmission possibilities

The live webcam transmits images wirelessly or via a 4G router.

Solar Icon

solar power

The power supply functions both via Power over Ethernet (PoE) and with solar power supply.

Icon Embedding

Simple embedding

The recordings from the live webcam can be easily embedded into any website via iFrame.

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Over 700 cameras live

The Yellow team has already installed and maintained over 700 cameras.

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Years of experience

The Yellow team has ten years of experience with live webcams.

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The live webcam can also be published without logos. Market your brand.

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Smartphone and Tablet

The live webcam can be controlled and viewed via mobile devices.

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