Panorama camera

The panorama camera shows the most beautiful cities, sights or atmospheric nature shots. Present to your customers what you are particularly proud of. On the way to work the sky turns pink, your destination shines in the morning sun. The panorama camera already takes pictures and captures the magical morning atmosphere. When you enter your office, you already have the high-resolution images of sunrise in your yellow cloud. Only a few clicks later you post the pictures on social media and present the beauty of your destination to your customers and friends. Today, location marketing thrives on up-to-date, aesthetic photos. With the panorama camera, you can record your online channels easily and with little effort.

Why do I need a panorama webcam?

  • You'll never miss an occasion again

  • The panorama camera delivers new content every day.

  • Link points of interest to your panorama camera.

  • The panorama camera takes pictures of the highest quality.



How do I generate more traffic to my website?

Panorama Camera - Marketing

With a panorama camera, you will quickly benefit from more access to your website.

  • Your panorama camera delivers high-quality images and is therefore also interesting for other websites. The local tourist office or weather service will be happy to link your camera to their website.


  • The more other sites include your link, the higher your search engine ranking will be.


  • The pictures of your panorama camera are optimal content for social media. If you share these images, you are guaranteed more access to your website.


  • Images from the panorama camera can be combined to form a time-lapse video. These time-lapse videos are often picked up by local TV stations.

Promote your destination in four easy steps!

We are sure that your destination has breathtaking views, wonderful sunsets or spectacular buildings. However, it is crucial that you also present these advantages to your customers.

Promote your destination in four simple steps!

Step 1: Choosing your camera location

  • Determine the best location for your panorama camera.
  • With which viewing direction do you achieve the best result?

Step 2: Record

  • The camera records 24/7/365.
  • You determine the time intervals between shots.
  • Each image is archived.
  • Create time-lapse videos from your recordings.

Step 3: Embed

  • Simply embed your camera into your website.
  • Inform local news and weather services or the regional tourist office about your camera.

Step 4: Share

  • Share images and time-lapse on all your online platforms.
  • Make it easy for your guests to share their stay with friends.
  • Send your best shots to news and weather services. They like to use high quality recordings and time-lapse.

Over 700 cameras

We have years of experience and over 700 cameras installed. An example of a panorama camera with points of interest is the camera on the roof of the "Herberge zur Heimat" in Zurich.

Why choose the Yellow panorama camera

45 MP Icon


The panorama camera delivers images of the highest Nikon quality.

WLAN 4G/5G Icon

transmission possibilities

The camera transmits images wirelessly or via a 4G router.

Solar Icon

solar power

The power supply functions both via Power over Ethernet (PoE) and with solar power supply.

Icon Embedding

Simple embedding

The live images of the camera can easily be embedded into any website via iFrame.

Tag und Nacht Icon

day and night

The panorama camera takes high-quality pictures even in the dark.

Point of Interest Icon

point of interest

The panorama camera marks the most important points on the pictures.

Branding Icon


The publication shows your logo.

Mobile Icon

smartphone und tablet

The panorama camera can be controlled and viewed via mobile devices.

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