Photo Webcam


A good housing does not wobble!

DSLR camera housing

Your advantages:

  • The housing withstands wind and weather
  • Provides space for any DSLR camera
  • Camera can be easily mounted and aligned
  • Can be opened at any time without changing the camera orientation
  • Manufactured in Switzerland to the highest Swiss quality standards
  • Reduces cable clutter
  • Easy power supply and image transport via Ethernet cable

Further information about the DSLR camera housing

Yellow controller.

Control electronics for highest requirements!

Camera controller

Your advantages:

  • Controller controls the recordings according to a schedule of your choice
  • Processes images and monitors their quality
  • Stores recordings locally as needed
  • Can also be used at extreme temperatures (-40°C to 75°C)
  • Stable supply voltage for different devices
  • Supports solar operation
  • Cools and heats as required
  • Tested and approved according to CE standard

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THE cloud solution for your webcams!


Your advantages:

  • Secure archive for high-resolution recordings
  • Image quality is continuously and automatically monitored
  • Designed for a large number of webcams
  • Simplifies data protection

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