DSLR camera housing

Are you looking for an easy-to-use DSLR housing? The DSLR housing is the basis for Yellow's time-lapse systems.


Protect your DSLR camera from wind and weather.

The DSLR housing from Yellow protects your precious equipment from any weather.

The DSLR camera housing offers you these advantages:

  • The single lens reflex camera housing withstands any weather.
  • Each DSLR camera fits into the DSLR housing. You decide which camera you want to fit in the housing.
  • The electronics in the housing supply your camera with power and transport your images via Ethernet.
  • You can open the housing without changing the orientation of the camera.
  • Your camera is protected even at extreme temperatures.
  • The DSLR housing has an extra-large sunroof and is also suitable for wide-angle shots.

Suitable for almost all cameras

The DSLR housing is suitable for almost all DSLR and SLT cameras, including those with full-frame sensors and wide-angle or telephoto lenses. The rear-slanted housing provides a view of the camera's display while it is installed inside the housing.

The durable polyurethane and aluminum construction can withstand any outdoor environment around the world. The housing is ideal for applications such as:

  • Time-lapse documentation of design projects
  • Research
  • construction sites
  • tourism


Defroster Heater Photo Webcam

Taking pictures at arctic temperatures?

With the single lens reflex camera housing even this is possible! The housing withstands temperatures between -40° and 75°C degrees. Thanks to the defroster heater, the front glass is ice-free within a few minutes.

DSLR Camera Housing

Mounting adapter for DSLR camera housing

The DSLR camera housing can be mounted in various positions. Yellow offers a suitable adapter for each mounting. Available:

  • wall brackets
  • column holder
  • mast mounting
  • Base tube adapter
  • cardan adapter

DSLR Camera Housing with Camera

DSLR camera easily mounted

The DSLR camera is mounted on a metal sheet which can be installed and removed without tools and without changing the alignment. The housing offers enough space even for large professional DSLR cameras.

Branding Icon


The DSLR camera housing you can brand as a partner as you like. Your logo will appear on the housing, the camera and the feed. The DSLR housing can be supplied not only with your logo, but even in your company colours.


Easy connection to the Internet

The housing has a hole at the bottom for an M20 cable gland. This allows the camera and additional electronics to be easily connected to the Internet via PoE and supplied with power. We will be happy to supply the housing with a weatherproof RJ45 external plug for screwing on.

Years of experience

Yellow is characterized by sophisticated designs with selected components. Our experience goes back years:

  • Yellow Webcam has been producing time-lapse camera systems since 2012.
  • The current housing is a further development of version 2.
  • In 2016 Yellow sold the first housing of this version.
  • Since then, hundreds of these time-lapse systems have been used in more than 14 countries.

Different brackets

In order to meet the individual requirements of our customers, our DSLR housing is available with different mounting brackets. Each of these mounts is manufactured to fit the DSLR camera housing. The housing can also be purchased without any bracket.

DSLR Enclosures: As Individual as our Customers

Are you planning your individual solution? This DSLR housing and brackets can be useful for any application and are also available separately and without electronics. The housing is neutrally manufactured and shipped without branding. Brand the case in your colours and with your logo.




Dimensions L x W x H 43.6 x 24.5 x 22.5 cm
Protection class IP66/67
Operating temperature (housing and electronics) -40°C bis 75°C
Weight empty 3.65kg
housing material Baydur 66 FR-1, Boden: PUR schwarz eingefärbt, Deckel: PUR lackiert
front glass BOROFLOAT® 33

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