Time-lapse camera: How does it work?

The time-lapse camera tracks the progress of your construction site. It captures every change, every additional floor and every architectural masterpiece. It takes photos of the construction site at regular intervals. An impressive video is produced daily from these pictures, showing how your building is developing. Whether a few days or several months: Regardless of the construction period, a camera is well worthwhile to document your construction site.

What do I need a time-lapse camera for?

A time-lapse camera is multifunctional. Our customers use it for example:

Emotional reviews

At employee events or customer events, time-lapse recordings can be optimally incorporated into presentations to illustrate the story and show construction progress. The time-lapse video awakens emotions, reminds you of the construction period and makes it clear how much work there is in your building.

Interesting live pictures

The time-lapse camera can be easily embedded on websites. Employees, customers or residents are all very interested in your new building. Show them how far your construction site has progressed and what you are currently working on. The live images of the time-lapse camera are linked to our Privacy Protector for data protection.

Captivating images online

Instagram, Facebook or the company newsletter: modern online marketing thrives on captivating shots. The time-lapse camera always provides you with up-to-date images. Each new building tells its own story and provides you with exciting content for your online channels.

Flexibly adapted to your needs

Every construction site is unique. That's why we adapt our time-lapse camera flexibly to your needs.

You choose...

... whether the camera is mounted on a wall or a pole.
... how much time passes between the single photos.
... how much time you want to document.
... how short or how long your time-lapse video will ultimately be.

Why photos and not videos?

That's why the time-lapse camera takes pictures:

  •     Photos can easily be post-processed individually.
  •     Worthless or faulty images can be sorted out.
  •     Photos get more data in best quality. These can be used optimally for a time lapse.
  •     Photos can be used to accelerate processes. We select the photos that show a noticeable change.
  •     Photos save storage space, while videos need a lot of capacity.

Time-lapse camera: You should pay attention to this

Choose your camera carefully. If in doubt, seek advice.

  •     If you have changes on the construction site even in the dark - early in the morning or late in the evening - choose a camera that also takes appealing pictures at night.
  •     Your camera should be housed in a sturdy housing that protects it from wind and weather. This will prevent your time lapse from being blurred.
  •     Select a camera that allows you to freely select the intervals between shots.

In six simple steps to time lapse

  •     You contact the partner in your region and discuss your requirements with them.
  •     The time-lapse camera will be installed at the desired location.
  •     The time-lapse camera documents progress at regular intervals.
  •     The recordings are lined up and put together to form a video.
  •     If you wish, your time-lapse video can be supplemented with drone recordings to create a whole story.
  •     From the collected material, a time-lapse video is created that makes your heart and that of your customers beat faster.

Over 10 years of experience

We have many years of international experience with time-lapse cameras. You can find some of our projects here:

That's why you choose the time-lapse camera from Yellow

45 MP Icon


The camera delivers images of the highest Nikon quality.

WLAN 4G/5G Icon

transmission possibilities

The time-lapse camera transmits images wirelessly or via a 4G router.

Solar Icon

solar power

The power supply functions both via Power over Ethernet (PoE) and with solar power supply.

Icon Embedding

Simple embedding

The images of the time-lapse camera can easily be embedded into any website via iFrame.

Live Webcam Icon

Over 700 cameras live

The Yellow team has already installed and maintained over 700 cameras.

10 Jahre Icon

Years of experience

The Yellow team has ten years of experience with time-lapse cameras.

Icon Data Protection

data protection

The time-lapse camera stores its data in the Yellow Cloud. This protects the data from unauthorized access.

Mobile Icon

Smartphone and Tablet

The time-lapse camera can be controlled and viewed via mobile devices.

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