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All webcam operators must comply with the applicable data protection laws. This means that they must protect the data of natural persons. Persons who can be determined directly or through context are considered to be particularly sensitive. When publishing people, car numbers or other buildings without consent, the utmost caution is always required. Yellow has developed various services to ensure that your webcam complies with data protection regulations and that you do not have to fear any conflicts with your neighbours or the legislator.
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Our webcams comply with data protection regulations! A specially developed software removes moving objects. This means that no people or moving cars can be seen. You receive the original picture with all details. However, the webcam will be published without people at your request. Thus your webcam becomes data protection conformal.

Link to sample video GDPR compliant webcam

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To make your webcam privacy compliant, you can delay recording as long as you want. This means, for example, that you don't publish pictures until two hours after they're taken. This gives you time to stop publishing images if you don't want to publish them.

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If there are particularly sensitive areas on the edge of your shots, you can cut them away. In the Yellow Portal, you can easily crop your images to make your webcam privacy compliant.

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If there are sensitive areas in the middle of your image, you can cover them. This means that they are no longer visible to the webcam viewer and the webcam complies with data protection regulations.

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Dynamic pixelation

With dynamic pixelation, you can make your camera compliant with data protection regulations within a few clicks. If sensitive objects such as streets, balconies, terraces or window fronts are visible in the image, you can pixelate them - regardless of their size or shape.

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The better your webcam shoots, the more accurate details such as faces will be visible. So you can easily scale your images and publish a lower-quality shot to make your webcam privacy compliant.

You will receive all pictures

With Yellow's privacy-compliant webcam, you can publish your recordings in a privacy-compliant manner. But you don't miss any information because you get the original recordings - and see all the information you need.

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