The Yellow-Cloud


How does the Yellow Cloud work?

In the Yellow Cloud you store and archive your recordings, edit your images and manage their publication. Your webcam sends the images directly to the Yellow Cloud. The Yellow Cloud service works with any webcam. To be able to use all options, it is recommended to use a DSLR camera from Nikon or Canon.
After the webcam has transferred your images to the Yellow cloud, what makes Yellow so unique happens: In four steps, the Yellow Cloud adapts your images to your individual needs.

The four steps in detail:

camera management

In the Yellow Cloud you can easily manage one or more cameras. With the practical dashboard, you can keep track at all times. So you can see at a glance which image your camera took last. In addition, the Yellow Cloud offers you the following options for managing your camera:

  • Remote control: The Yellow Cloud allows you to control your camera conveniently from the office. You can change your camera settings at the touch of a button on your computer or smartphone.
  • Front glass defroster: Does the front glass of your camera freeze in cold temperatures? Not with the Yellow webcam. Thanks to the integrated heater, you can heat the front glass of your camera for a few seconds or minutes and let the ice melt.
  • Brilliant shots at night: The Yellow webcam monitors light conditions day and night. Depending on the exposure, the Yellow Webcam changes the exposure settings and takes brilliant photos even at night.

Managing the Publication

With the Yellow-Cloud you can manage the publication of images easily and efficiently. With a single mouse click, you decide when to publish your images. If you want to edit your images before publication, you still won't lose any data. The original images are always available in the Yellow Cloud. Various services make publication easier

  • Delayed publication: You decide when your recordings are published. This can be immediately or after a delay you define.
  • Individual resolution, aspect ratios and image rotation: Not every photo sensor fits your project. With the Yellow Cloud you can automatically rotate, cut or change the resolution of your photos. Each image can be individually adapted to your website. In addition, you can use the Yellow Cloud to cut several small images from a single image.
  • Private or public publication: You decide whether your image is published internally or externally. Each publication can be shown to individuals or published on the intranet or publicly on the Internet. If necessary, the publication of an image can be stopped at any time with a few mouse clicks.
  • Publication with or without archive recording: You decide whether historical recordings should be displayed or not for data protection reasons.
  • Your brand: The publication can be branded with almost any partners, customers, projects or even without a logo.

image processing

The Yellow Cloud is unique. The specially developed Privacy Protector makes your webcam privacy compliant. But that's not the only thing: The Yellow Cloud processes your images exactly according to your ideas. The following options are available to you:

  • Privacy Protector: The Yellow Cloud enables you to adapt your photos optimally to the applicable data protection guidelines. The Privacy Protector automatically removes all recorded persons and moving objects such as cars or trucks.
  • Branding: Whether logo, watermark or overlay: With the Yellow Webcam you can add to your recordings. This is how you make your recordings unmistakable.
  • Link: With the Yellow Cloud you can easily link your images to a website.
  • Trim/Cropping: Trim your image to the optimal size. Can you see parts of your photos that are annoying? With the Yellow Cloud you can cut them away.
  • Scale: On the portal of the Yellow webcam you can adjust the size of your photos as you like.
  • Point of Interest: Would you like to mark the mountain top or highlight your restaurant? With the Yellow Cloud this is no problem. Mark special points on your photos and set the desired hyperlinks.
  • Overlay: You can customize your shots according to your taste. Overlays allow you to hide individual buildings and make your recordings compliant with data protection regulations. You can also publish your logo as an overlay on your photos. The Yellow Cloud accesses a link that you have stored for this purpose and uses your logo from there. So you can change your overlay logo easily and without our help.
  • Time-lapse: Your recordings are regularly rendered into time-lapse videos. You choose the length of the time lapse as well as the time span. Any time-lapse video can be combined, such as weekly or monthly time-lapse or time-lapse over the entire storage period.
  • Filter: Your time-lapse video should be as smooth as possible? Intelligent image filters erase bad, foggy, too dark/too bright or tinted images. The Yellow Cloud creates smoother time-lapse images by removing distracting shots beforehand. No tedious manual sorting required.



Yellow Archive

The Yellow Cloud archive gives you access to your images even after publication. You decide if and when your photos are deleted. Would you like to take pictures over a longer period of time and combine them into a time-lapse? This is no problem with the Yellow Cloud. You choose how much storage space you need and can easily browse your images by date and time. External backup or processing is easy. The Yellow Cloud offers:

  • Automated backup to any external or customer server of both original and processed images.
  • For data protection reasons, pure image processing without image archiving can also be selected on the Yellow Cloud.
  • Bulk download with helpful filters
  • Configurable archive duration up to long-term archive up to several years